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The LSG Foundation started one year after Luis Salazar Géigel suffered a terrible car accident that caused him a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Alongside with psychologist Maribel Bayona, current President of the Board of Directors of the foundation, they decided to create an organization with the vision of being the voice for people that has suffer brain injuries and provide those persons with alternatives for an optimal

rehabilitation so they can enjoy a healthier and fuller life.


Following the medical advice from the neurosurgeons in Puerto Rico’s Centro Medico, Luis continued his rehabilitation in Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center.  At the same time, Luis developed a great concern for people with the lack of resources to afford a good rehabilitation.

After recognizing that without a good rehabilitation, a person is more likely to stay in bed rest for the rest of his or her lives, Luis Salazar created The LSG Foundation with the mission of providing easy access to an optimal rehabilitation to all TBI patients.


For more than 10 years, the LSG Foundation has gathered a support group every month in Parroquia Stella Maris in Puerto Rico for the caregivers and patients of traumatic brain injuries and cerebrovascular diseases.  With the objective of addressing the emotional scars that develop after such accident, the support group has been extremely successful by being the only place where people can exchange ideas and resources.  Many medical experts in the brain trauma field come to the group as guests and share their insights giving comfort to the emotional health of the patient and their caregivers.


During April of 2013, the Foundation successfully held the 1st Brain Injury Conference for patients and caregivers with the goal of educating and informing them of rehabilitation methods and resources available to them. The activity took place in Marriot Courtyard Hotel in Isla Verde. About 120 people assisted and unanimously made an urgent call to coordinate and improve the islands rehabilitation services.


The LSG Foundation has been very active in numerous road safety campaigns as well as fundraising activities in order to raise funds for the LSG Trauma Institute, a multidisciplinary rehabilitation center where the emotional, physical and cognitive aspects that are altered after a traumatic brain injury can be addressed in a more complete way. 


The LSG Foundation is federal and local tax-exempt non-profit, under 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Code section.


Luis Salazar’s vision has evolved into being a member of the Board of Directors of Puerto Rico’s Consejo Estatal de Rehabilitación, a position named by Puerto Rico’s Governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla.

The LSG Foundation has been recognized by the Brain Injury Association of America for successfully improving the lives of the community of people living with brain injuries in Puerto Rico.  We will be representing the Brain Injury Association of America as an affiliate under the name Brain Injury Association of Puerto Rico,  We are very excited for the affiliation that we have obtained and how it will support our community,  In the near future we will be notifying of all the different resources available to attend the needs of our community.

To promote a complete and effective rehabilitation process to traumatic brain injury patients in Puerto Rico through an integrated model that incorporates multidisciplinary services, while encouraging faith to patients and their caregivers.  The foundation also stimulates education, responsibility and the prevention of this condition.

To become the most effective and proactive organization in educating, orientating and giving rehabilitation services to people who suffer brain injuries.

  • To establish the LSG Trauma Institute. A multidisciplinary rehabilitation center, specialized in brain injury, where patients can receive traditional therapy and alternative medicine. Everything in the same place. Professionals in the Institute will be specially trained in brain injuries.


  • Generate statistics about traumatic brain injuries in Puerto Rico, together with Department of Statistics of Puerto Rico and the Trauma Hospital in Centro Medico.


  • Develop and keep records for every brain injury patient that exits the Trauma Hospital in Centro Medico and complete a follow-up protocol.


  • Assure that every brain trauma patient is receiving a proper and effective treatment after they exit the Trauma Hospital.


  • To those patients without effective treatment after trauma, to offer the alternative of an optimal treatment through “home visits” and LSG Trauma Institute.


  • Give orientation, education and psychological therapy to families and caregivers by support groups and talks.


  • Create programs and strategic alliances with public and private companies, and also with non-profit organizations, to promote brain trauma injury knowledge, prevention and treatment.

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