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Everything changed drastically after February 5th, 2009 and I don’t remember anything. Is hard to believe that this statement is real for me. I suppose that I was just a common 35-year old guy and the youngest son of Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner Candidate for 2008 elections. I worked in the political campaign and was constantly evaluating to which way my political experience could take me. The only thing I remember after this is to be in a hospital bed, surrounded by a net, like a cage. The only thing I could see through it was people spotted in small dots. I was listening to a conversation about my behavior during last night. Someone is speaking about how I turned around myself in bed and didn’t stop moving all night long. 

I made a small connection inside the net I was in. I didn’t know until that moment what happened. Everything is a bit different but I’m not sure if it is good or bad. The doubt continues for some weeks. Some months later, my brother Carlos told me that weeks after getting out of the comma, by the moment when visitors could come more frequently, a friend and he were besides me, speaking with me. I only could answer them slowly but I didn´t realize about it. My friend started to detail the terrible accident but I didn’t notice that the one who suffered the accident was me. When I realized that they were speaking about me, tears started to fall from my eyes. Although it was a significant moment, I don’t remember it. So, suddenly, I understood that I was in a life or death situation. Honestly, it’s some kind of pill hard to swallow. You hear that you were in comma for two weeks, in a car accident like no other and you have injuries that will take considerable time to heal.


In summary: I had to make major adjustments in my life.

The Accident

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